Lawrence Markey opened his gallery in April of 1990 with an exhibition of a new work by Fred Sandback, entitled Seven Part Vertical Construction.

The sun-filled gallery with views of the Hudson River was located at 55 Vandam Street, in lower Manhattan. The first of multiple exhibitions by artists who would become closely associated with the gallery followed, including Ernst Caramelle, Paul Feeley, Suzan Frecon, Robert Moskowitz, John Riddy and Jerry Zeniuk. Historical exhibitions have always been an important part of the gallery's program, featuring artists Jo Baer, James Bishop, Mel Bochner, Stephen Kaltenbach, Sol LeWitt, John McLaughlin and Richard Tuttle, to name a few.

In May of 2000 the gallery moved uptown from Soho to 42 East 76th Street. Shows of works by Acharya Vyakul, Richard Nonas, Max Neuhaus and Al Taylor followed, along with exhibitions of the gallery's longer tenured artists.

In September of 2005 the gallery relocated from New York's Upper East Side to its current location in San Antonio, Texas. After 25 years our program remains committed to the artists with whom we worked in New York, along with artists shown since our move to Texas which include Karl Benjamin, James Castle, Rudolf de Crignis, Charlotte Dumas, Paul Mogensen, Lawrence Weiner and John Zurier.

Our publications feature writings by Alan Gurganus and Bob Nickas on James Castle, Bill Berkson on Wayne Thiebaud, Lane Relyea on Paul Feeley and Barry Schwabsky on Mel Bochner.

The gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA).