Richard Tuttle  Slats, 1974  December 1990-February 1991
 Ernst Caramelle  Drawings  April – May 1993
 John McLaughlin  Painting & Works on Paper  October-November 1994
 Jerry Zeniuk  Recent Paintings  September – October, 1998
 Suzan Frecon  recent work, oil & watercolor  February – March, 1999
  Exhibition Posters from the 1960's & 1970's  June 1999
 Richard Nonas  SOPHIA MARIA and the INDIANS  February-March 2001
 Jerry Zeniuk  Recent Paintings  October – November, 2003
 Fred Sandback  Drawing and Sculpture  April – May, 2004
 Fred Sandback  Drawing and Sculpture  September–November, 2005
 Lawrence Weiner October–December, 2006
 Acharya Vyakul  Works on Paper  January–February, 2006
 Karl Benjamin,  India ink drawings from the 1950's , May–June, 2006
 Paul Feeley  November—December, 2007     
 Suzan Frecon  recent painting  January–February, 2007
 Charlotte Dumas   Tiger Tiger/Reverie    April—May, 2008     
 Ernst Caramelle   April—May, 2009     
 Rudolf de Crignis  grays and blues  May – July, 2009
 Mel Bochner   recent drawings    October—December, 2009     
 Paul Mogensen   paintings and works on paper    November—December, 2012     
 Wayne Thiebaud,  Charcoal Still Lifes 1964–1974 , April–May, 2010
 James Castle   BOOKS   December, 2010—January, 2011
 Robert Moskowitz   Works on Paper    May—July, 2010     
 Fred Sandback,  Untitled   (Four–part Vertical Construction in Two Colors), 1987  , January–March, 2010   
 Suzan Frecon   paper    February—March, 2013     
 John Zurier   recent paintings   March—April, 2014   
 John Riddy  Palermo  November–December, 2014
  Works on paper by James Bishop, James Castle, Suzan Frecon, Robert Moskowitz, Fred Sandback, John   Zurier   September-October 2016
 James Castle  Landscapes  October- December 2016
 Robert Moskowitz  Drawings  February - April, 2017